Noggin Raisers Vol.11

machine-consciousness-imageExcellent article by David Dobbs on the overdiagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at Scientific American, and the author provides links to sources and supplemental materials here at his blog, Neuron Culture

There’s “psych” in semen, oh yes there is, and Jena Pincott describes its hypnotic ingredients on her blog

Dr. Feelgood has a wild side; Neuroskeptic gives us the “rest of the story” about Serotonin here

When I’m looking for new mind and consciousness books, I go to My Mind on Books; I always find titles there I didn’t know existed – great resource

The future of science journalism is a topic on the rise, and Carl Zimmer at The Loom does it justice in this post

I happened upon a new neuroscience site recently and glad that I did: Very Evolved is one to watch 

Dr. Shock tells us about the neuroscience of interpersonal space here – what a terrific, undervalued topic

The two cultures — will they ever get along? Rationally Speaking discusses a recent article that shows signs of a truce in the making (um…maybe)

Groupism? Teamism? What the F-ism is going on? Wander over to The Situationist to read about a recent study on these burgeoning biases

This is philosophy, and this is how to do it — so writes lecturer Wayne Buck in an intriguing letter to his class, published in Philosophy Now

A new edition of The New Atlantis is up with an interesting piece about why our minds are not like computers

And finally, Respectful Insolence takes The Huffington Post to the woodshed on its anti-vaccine lunacy, here

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