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John Cleese on Creativity

In this remarkable short talk, comic genius John Cleese explains what he has learned about the creative process.  Be ready to take notes, because he passes along insights worth remembering every day.


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Going Live on ‘Psychology Today’

Wanted to let everyone know that Neuronarrative is now officially a Psychology Today blog, here.   Please subscribe to the RSS feed for updates.

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Bargaining with Monkeys Like Us

In this excellent TED talk, primatologist  Laurie Santos discusses the roots of human irrationality by uncovering the way our primate relatives make decisions. Is it possible that the errors we make–like failing to save money–are not “mistakes” (in the conventional sense) but actually hardwired into our natures?  Santos’ experiments in “monkeynomics” suggest answers to that question that might make human exceptionalists a little nervous.

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