For several years I was a public outreach specialist hired to come up with creative ways of getting the word out. I created and managed award-winning public health campaigns for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, including the national children’s lead-poisoning awareness campaign, “Runs Better Unleaded.” I also managed the national Energy Star Buildings campaign, spearheading promotional partnerships with companies like Goodyear, Staples, Verizon and Home Depot to advance the energy efficiency message. Projects like these kept me busy across the U.S. and as far away as Beijing, where I helped launch the first public-private energy efficiency program in China.

My background also includes abundant dashes of marketing and editing. I did a stint as the managing editor of a peer-reviewed healthcare journal, and more recently have been a marketing specialist and proposal writer for environmental engineering firms, writing about the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, technologies that clean our water and reduce solid waste, and the wonders of modern sewage systems.

To feed my penchant for journalism, I write at Neuronarrative, a blog about the complicated business of thinking, and for True/Slant. I’m also a freelance writer for Scientific American Mind.