51 Pragmatic Suggestions: Mix, Match, Dismiss, Do!

1. Learn how to enter and exit the daily vortex (it will swallow you if you don’t)

2. Don’t give people the power to direct your life (because if you do, they will)

3. Beware those with an inflated sense of self (they’re always trying to expand their pyramid scheme)

4. Become a negotiator (it’s not a business term, it’s a life term)

5. Be nice (but not only nice)

6. Be tenacious (if you think you’re persistent enough, you probably aren’t)

7. Learn how to resolve into strategy (problem-solving must eventually rise to the top of consciousness even during the hardest times)

8. Stay grounded while you’re spiritualizing (and beware spiritual etherealites who aren’t)

9. Don’t become a sycophant, and don’t abide those who are

10. Don’t let a pursuit of your “purpose” short-circuit your passion (purpose isn’t verifiable, passion is)

11. Use mediocrity to find your edge (even doing poorly at something can be useful)

12. Know what you want (or at least try hard to figure it out)

13. Beware the mystification of entitlement (it’s a delusion that distorts reason)

14. Learn to enjoy competition (the race and the win)

15. Develop a love of “play” (it’s not kid stuff, it’s human stuff)

16. Beware the myth of predestination (and those who believe it)

17. Learn to use escapism, but don’t get lost in it

18. Learn to love culture, but don’t get drunk on it

19. Learn to appreciate business, but don’t deify it

20. Learn to manage expectations (yours and others’)

21. Avoid internal perception paralysis (get out of your head!)

22. Be careful about your categories (the world is bigger than you think)

23. Practice self-management (this is not optional)

24. Deconstruct your motivations (ask why you are doing what you are doing)

25. Surround yourself with advisors (and know their biases better than they do)

26. Ask questions carefully (certain questions can create bigger questions, and sometimes unnecessary problems)

27. Be careful about framing (the way an issue is framed can make all the difference)

28. Find ways to make things happen (and don’t stop trying)

29. Affirm lavishly (and don’t be afraid to admit you need it too)

30. Structure your idea roll-out plan (and build in enough time to give it a genuine chance of success)

31. Test your tolerance (you can tolerate more than you think)

32. Neither a user nor a pushover be (they are equally repugnant)

33. Allow your emotions to sink low at times, but don’t drop anchor

34. Eschew every guru

35. Visualize responses and reactions (being caught off guard is rarely a good thing)

36. Value contribution and gain (and the symbiosis between)

37. Never entertain fanaticism (it’s more seductive than you think)

38. Develop a focus practice (get your head straight however you can, but don’t join a cult or become a scientologist–which may be redundant)

39. Know your cycles (no one is always up or always down, or always neither)

40. Read broadly and often

41. Don’t allow imagination to languish (or you’ll become a functionary)

42. Be ready to learn from anyone (we’ve all had different lessons)

43. Guard your talents from energy drainers (most of whom are people, not things)

44. Have both a trade and a craft

45. Be part of a community

46. Don’t be so quick to say, “It’s too late” (because often it isn’t)

47. Be a custodian of memory

48. Observe closely

49. Love fully

50. Leave something behind that you’d be proud to have recognition for while you’re here

51.  And remember, we’re not here for long



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3 responses to “51 Pragmatic Suggestions: Mix, Match, Dismiss, Do!

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  2. Kate

    Love it. 🙂

    44, 41 and 15 were especially important for me.

    Nice list! 🙂

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