Never Underestimate the Power of Conformity

Apologies for the radio silence – I’m traveling this week and net time has been limited.  For now, take a look at the video below made by a social psychology student at Mississippi State University for an experiment on conformity to gender roles.  What’s amazing isn’t just that person after person does exactly what the signs tell them, but some of them actually stop and go through the other door when they see that they’re about to violate the rule.  Below that is a video updating the famous Asch conformity test. 




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4 responses to “Never Underestimate the Power of Conformity

  1. Has anyone compiled statistics of the response people have when looking at these types of videos? It seems to me that the most common response is something like “Well, I wouldn’t conform to the group pressure!” even though it’s very likely that the opposite is true. The group conformity is painfully obvious when you observe it from the outside, but it’s also almost impossible to simulate in yourself. Yet almost all would conform anyhow.

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  4. I don’t like the sound of all those lists he’s making – it’s like fetching too divers notes at high school; you sense you’ve achieved something when you haven’t.

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