Noggin Raisers Vol.12

robot-brainMind Hacks discusses research on sleep behaviors linked to neurological disturbances like narcolepsy and Parkinson’s here

NeuroWhoa explores research on the link between religious thinking and end-of-life medical treatment — does religious belief really amp up the desire for more intense treatment?

The voodoo strikes back! Neuroskeptic discusses a bit of vernacular push-back on the research paper that coined the term “voodoo neuroscience” here

So, exactly what are female hormones doing in semen?  Jena Pincott explains with trademark wit

What’s the connection between action selection and attention allocation? The Mouse Trap thoughtfully discusses this topic here

Intriguing new research on the dynamics of group decision-making is analyzed by BPS Research Digest right here

Fascinating post and video at Neurophilosophy about new neurons migrating long distances along blood vessels

The latest issue of Philosophy Now tackles the topic of robot consciousness, leading off with this intertesting piece  

Science News has an informative article on the possible mind clearing and boosting power of sleep

The psychology of pride is featured in this New York Times article

Video game addiction?  The Situationist digs deeper here into research on a dubious premise

And finally, this Wired Science post discusses the anti-smoking drug that may soon be making its debut as an antidepressant.

Image credit: Oregon State University

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