Should We Be Afraid of Nanotechnology?

Scientists have been raising red flags about nanotechnology threats for the last few years, with increasing urgency.  Though full of promise (amazing advances in medical care, for example; demand for nanotechnology in healthcare is expected to increase nearly 50% in 2009), as with most technologies there’s also potential for abuse — abuse with results we can’t even really imagine yet (or, as with most unknowns, we imagine the worst).

Here’s a piece on potential nanotechnology threats to food,  one on nanoparticle threats to health, an interview discussing a variety of nano-related concerns, and a comprehensive report that tackles all of the above, including nano-environmental hazards.  The literature out there ranges from appropriate to alarmist and all points in between.

And now, Mental Floss has brought comedy to bear on the topic, and brilliantly. 

hat tip: Wired Science



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2 responses to “Should We Be Afraid of Nanotechnology?

  1. Claire

    The answer is a resounding YES. And here is the reason why:

    Have you ever heard of Morgellons Disease?

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