Noggin Raisers Vol.10

brain-in-handIs religion the “Xanax of the people”?  Neurocritic evaluates a study that suggests it just might be, with a few important caveats.

Cognitive fallacies, they never stop coming, and thankfully Mind Hacks never stops taking them on – case in point here.

Very solid analysis of the “is Facebook rotting our kids’ brains” controversy here at Neuroanthropology.

Breaking up is hard to do…or is it?  Jena Pincott reports that it’s not as hard as we think.

BPS Research Digest discusses a study that suggests fathers invest more in children who resemble them and mothers invest more in kids with their personality.

Neuroskeptic takes on research on the placebo effect and antidepressants.

Cognitive Daily asks “how distractible are you?” and gives us the scoop on working memory capacity.

The invisibility cloak of Harry Potter fame close to becoming reality?  Machines Like Us reports that it just might be.

Channel N Videos has up an intriguing video on gender and the brain.

Carl Zimmer at The Loom ignited a mutli-post discussion starting here on why fact checking is so important, but sadly lacking in major newspapers.

And don’t forget, Brain Awareness Week is coming soon!

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