Noggin Raisers Vol.9

monkey-thinkingIf you’ve wondered which antidepressants work the best, check out Neuroskeptic’s analysis of a recent paper published in the Lancet.

Your boss puts on a good show of confidence, but is he or she faking it?  Time discusses recent research that suggests possibly so.


Is she really into you…or everyone?  Jena Pincott gives us the scoop here.

You are not your brain argues philosopher Alva Noe in a new book discussed here in My Mind on Books.

Rationally Speaking discusses whether the ‘end of solitude’ is a real cultural phenomena, or just the latest technoskeptic bunk.

Taking us on a joy ride to post-humanity, Science Not Fiction chats here about the graphic novel Transhuman, that’s more than just a thick comic book.

Turns out that the Neanderthal genome may have secrets to reveal about us, according to Wired Science in this post.

Stanford University just put up a selection of 10-minute lectures on YouTube called The Future of Human Health that are worth checking out.

Brainstorming is so 1990’s — try Brainwriting says BPS Research in this typically thoughtful post.

Looking for a topic on a psychology site but need some help finding it?  Check out PsychSplash.

Deaf signers actually feel words on the tips of their fingers, as discussed in this PsyBlog post.

Diet soda can’t trick your body into accepting false sweetness, explains Jonah Lehrer in this post at The Frontal Cortex.

And Seed magazine breaks out the bubbly in several good articles in celebration of Darwin’s 200th birthday.


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