Noggin Raisers Vol.8

readingEver wonder what sorts of mental strategies top athletes use? BPS research reports on a few here.

Procrastination is “all in the construal”–abstract or concrete–says Psyblog in this interesting post.

My Mind on Books keeps the terrific book picks coming with mention of The Empathy Gap (keep an eye out for an interview with its author, J.D. Trout, coming soon to Neuronarrative)

Why do pharmaceutical companies spend so much money marketing to med students?  Because it works, reports Dr. Shock in this provocative post

Ars Psychiatrica is truly a pleasure to read — take this post on realism, and while you’re there browse among many worthwhile others

Jena Pincott tells us in this post that women are getting blonder as the economy gets darker

If you missed science writer Jonah Lehrer of The Frontal Cortex on the Colbert Report, you can check it out here

The Situationist discusses a Time article on the troubling effect of various names given to babies later in life here

An intriguing New York Times article on the science of crying is discussed here at Mind Hacks

Seth Godin asks “what are you good at” … the process or the content?–in this post

Skepticality interviews Benjamin Radford, paranormal investigator and frequent contributor to LiveScience, here

Edge is carrying on a lively discussion here about Jerry Coyne’s latest explosive article on science and religion

We’re Only Human discusses in this post why Xenophobia evidently afflicts mostly men

And Neurophilosophy tells us that single neurons may function as the RAM of our brains, right here

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