John Updike: Conjuring from the Mind’s Eye

This week the world lost one of its greatest writers — the passing of John Updike is a loss to the world of letters that can never be filled. At the same time, his artistic influence–among the most significant of any from the last century–will live on for centuries more. An entire generation of writers followed in paths he tread. I remember reading an interview with him years ago in which he said that his career as an author almost never happened. Early on, he faced a decision to be a copy writer in advertising, or to write what he wanted to write. Thankfully, he chose the latter.  The interview below is from October 2008 with the editor of the New York Times Book Review about the craft of fiction and the art of writing. It’s just under 8 minutes long.

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  1. I haven’t fallen in love with all of Updike’s work, though i do enjoy his candid writing style; his passing is a sad loss indeed

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