Weekly Noggin Raisers 7

brainJonah Lehrer’s latest book, How We Decide, has hit the shelves.  If you like The Frontal Cortex, this book is a must read.

The joy of learning continues to receive insightful attention at Mind Hacks

Does disbelief in free will increase aggression?  Psyblog investigates the answer.

Want to learn a bit about male sexual sweatNeurocritic has the scoop.

Ars Psychiatrica delves into the ever explosive science and religion discussion with The Missing All.

The New Scientist has an interesting piece on the mathematics learning disorder known as discalculia.

Monkeys are gadget junkies just like us, according to this Wired Science piece

And finally, the latest issue of SEED is out, and there’s too much good stuff in it to specify. It’s all worth reading.


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