Weekly Noggin Raisers 5

brain5Science and culture writer David Dobbs has returned to bloggery with Neuron Culture; exceptional insights and wit to be found there

Competition and the effects of excessive choice are the topics of a thoughtful post at The Frontal Cortex

W’e’re Only Human gives us some unsettling news concerning the power of false confessions in court

Seth’s Blog has a few things to say about how we handle boundaries

Rationally Speaking muses on the enigma of spirituality for the skeptic

A new invention is enabling ultrasound to open windows into the brain, reports The New Scientist

The Research Digest explores whether the police are any better than the rest of us at judging eye-witness statements

Where does humor and laughter reside in the brain? asks Dr. Shock

Brain Hammer takes a respectable shot at defining intentionality

NeuroLogica delves into the controversy surrounding the rise in autism rates

Evolutionary perspectives on personality are investigated at The Mouse Trap

Ars Psychiatrica  discusses the tragic story of Brent Cambron, an anesthesiologist who developed an opioid addiction

And My Mind on Books provides a list of cognitive science books coming out this year

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