Weekly Noggin Raisers #4

intelligenza_test1Neuroanthropology posted the “Best of Anthro 2008” prizes – some really interesting posts on the list

Neurocritic has a great discussion explaining how ‘Deal or No Deal’ is an example of Daniel Kahneman‘s prospect theory

Ars Psychiatrica takes us on an insightful tour of the complex psychology of Abraham Lincoln

The Frontal Cortex discusses the failures of neuropharmacology and evidence confirming the effectiveness of talk therapy


Seth Godin talks to us about passion and the much debated 10,000 hour rule of expertise

Channel N lists its choices for the top science videos of 2008

Mind Hacks discusses research on the linkage between sex, orgasm and childbirth

Neurophilosophy provides analysis of research that suggests humans and monkeys categorize objects in similar ways

Cognition and Culture explores the question, why do we sometimes dehumanize our fellow humans?

And on Point of Inquiry, Paul Kurtz is interviewed about his new book, Forbidden Fruit, which discusses the application of science and reason to the good life


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