Weekly Noggin Raisers #3

intelligenza_test1Channel N features a video of a lecture by surgeon and author Sherwin Nuland, who describes his experience undergoing ECT for depression

Neurocritic provides an intriguing, to say nothing of unusual, glimpse into the psychodynamics of sneezing

My Mind on Books has a worthwhile review of the book, My Stroke of Insight by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

The Situationist has a good piece about the recent replication of Stanley Milgram’s famous experiment

NeuroSkeptic tells us seven things we don’t know about Stanley Milgram (read it, you’ll want to know even more when you do)

The Frontal Cortex draws an insightful, if unexpected line between Hanukkah and Colonoscopies

Psyblog provides a path to discovering your top five character strengths via a 15-minute survey

Neurophilosophy discusses a recent PloS study about altering the human sense of body ownership

Mind Hacks discusses a fascinating study about triggering the ‘dreamy state’ , and also introduces us to Elektro, the original robotic sex machine

And The New Atlantis asks, is digital literacy really literacy at all?

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