Weekly Noggin Raisers #2

intelligenza_test1Neuroanthropology has my top post of the week on the Flynn effect and intelligence – an exceptional, in-depth piece

Mind Hacks and Dr. Shock both handily took on the debatable concept of Internet addiction

Ars Psychiatrica expands the same addiction debate to include food and sex

Neuroskeptic posted one of my favorite reads of the week entitled We Are Really Sorry, But Your Soul is Still Dead

Rationally Speaking has a good piece on why machines are poor metaphors for organisms

The Situationist posted an intriguing article about research on oppositional beliefs in God and science

BPS Research Digest tells us that our personality may affect the age we live to

Michael Nielsen reviews Malcom Gladwell’s Outliers and discusses the 10,000 hour rule of expertise

Ionian Enchantment provided an excellent tip about where to find Jorge Luis Borges’ The Library of Babel as an MP3

Skepticality has an interview with the creators of the TV series Numb3rs about the challenges of incorporating actual science into a TV show

NeuroLogica takes apart the intellectual dishonesty of  “new creationism” and neuroscience denial


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