Weekly Noggin Raisers

I’m kicking off a weekly tour to capture what I think are some of the best mind and brain-related 080327172352-largeposts and articles of the last week. Let me know if you have suggestions for future weeks.

∞ Dr. Shock  gets us up close and personal with a neuron – great animated view you won’t see very often

∞ Neuroskeptic delivers well wrought lessons from the ‘placebo gene’, refering to a recent Swedish study as reported on by the New Scientist among other news outlets.

∞ The Frontal Cortex has an interesting post about training the unconscious (or, why the Wonderlic test is useless when it comes to quarterbacks)

∞ The Situationist discusses the situation of conspiracy theories, and the psychology of people who text while driving 

∞ All in the Mind brings us the story of poor little Hans, Freud’s original poster boy for the Oedipus Complex.

∞ PsyBlog tells us about the 12 Laws of Emotions

∞ Neuroanthropology waxes thoughtfully about Our Blessed Lady of the Cerebelum, refering to the story of that most blessed FMRI scan whereupon the virgin mother allegedly left an imprint

∞ Mind Hacks discusses a new study that suggests our use of jargon for newly popularized medical conditions changes our understanding of the disease

∞ Ars Psychiatrica comments on the latest happiness study findings and adds considerable insight to the discussion

∞ Bloggingheads.tv connects up Will Wilkinson from the Cato Institute and Paul Bloom from Yale to chat about free will, religion and atheism

∞ Carl Zimmer at The Loom has a thought-inspirng piece on whether good science can be used to create good science fiction, or not

∞ entertainment_games_lwf_brain The BPS Research Digest tells us to get rid of our credit cards and don’t shop when we’re sad

∞ My Mind on Books gives us a preview of the philosophy of mind books coming out next year

∞ Pure Pedantry gives us the real scoop on the alleged addictive potential of sugar


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