This is Your Brain on Treats

What do blood glucose, marijuana and Republican political slogans have in common?  Check out this article in Scientific American to find out.  The psychology of snacking is always a tasty topic to munch on, and one that never fails to get a lot of ink especially as we enter the heavy snacking holiday season.  If you’ve got a sweet tooth for the science of sweets, you may want to check out…

This article in the New York Times on the psychology of over indulgence

This short piece on the discontinuity between good intentions and snacking

This article on the relationship between packaging size and snacking

This journal article on televised food advertising targeted to children

This interview with Kurt Ellis, maker of the documentary “King Corn”

And this review in Salon of Michael Pollan’s book, In Defense of Food 

bon appetit!



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2 responses to “This is Your Brain on Treats

  1. Trystan

    This is why intellectuals should always have a fresh pot of coffee within reach. It allows one to compensate for the experience of “transitory low glucose levels” with stimulants rather than extra calories 😉

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